If you obtain an ISBN number and registration from us, your ISBN number* and book details will be registered in the Nielsen Book Database.

This ensures that title information will be sent out via their data products to UK bookshops, libraries and distributors, plus their international data customers. This means that if you walk into a UK bookstore, your book will be on their shop system, making it easier for them to order it. If bookshops don’t know about it, they can’t order it!

Registration on Nielsen Book Database means that your publication information will be made available to thousands of book buyers around the world. Nielsen collects book information from over 70 countries and its book database holds millions of title records and is available to booksellers and libraries worldwide. Nielsen’s website says: “By providing your title records to Nielsen Book you ensure that timely, accurate and comprehensive data is available to leading Internet retailers, chains, specialist and independent retailers, libraries and other book buyers worldwide.”

If your book if registered with Nielsen, then you will probably have to send 5 free copies of your book into the legal deposit in Edinburgh. Legal Deposit seem to request this automatically when books are registered.

* Please note that we can only register ISBN numbers that were issued to you by us (Independent Publishing Network).