Important Information

There are some key details about Independent Publishing Network that should be understood before becoming a member of our Network:


“Independent Publishing Network” will be listed as the book’s publisher and distributor in Nielsen’s system.
Some websites (e.g. Amazon and CreateSpace) ask for an “Imprint” or “Publisher” name. If you are asked for this, please type “Independent Publishing Network”.
This imprint doesn’t affect self-publishers, but may limit opportunities for publishing through established publishers, who could require an ISBN with their own imprint.


If you register your title with Nielsen it ensures that title information will be sent out via their data products to UK bookshops, libraries and distributors, plus their international data customers. This means that if you walk into a UK bookstore, your book will be on their shop system, making it easier for them to order it. If bookshops don’t know about it, they can’t order it! If your book if registered with Nielsen, then you will probably have to send 5 free copies of your book into the legal deposit in Edinburgh. They seem to request this automatically when books are registered.


To the best of our knowledge, our members are using our ISBN numbers on their books in a large number of places in the UK, including with Foyles, Waterstones, Createspace, Bertram Books,,, Marketplace, Kindle E-Reader, AbeBooks, Barnes & Noble, Valore Books, Biblio,, TextbookRush, and many others. However, we cannot guarantee that any particular bookseller, distributor, wholesaler, or third party will accept the ISBN numbers that we issue (as policies/requirements of distributors and booksellers can change any time)  – therefore you will need to check with your distributor or bookseller directly to find out what their current ISBN policy is.


You must send one copy of each of your publications to the British Library (free of charge) within a month of publication. This is a legal requirement. There is another organisation in Edinburgh called the Agency for Legal Deposit Libraries. You are not required to send copies to them unless they specifically request them, in which case they will need 5 copies (free of charge). You are legally required to send 5 copies, should they ask. they will either do this via email or letter. They don’t ask for every title. For more information please