Refund Policy

Please note that we do not issue refunds if you are unhappy with your order. We may consider a refund if there are special circumstances.

We may consider making a refund in the following situation:

  • If your distributor or retailer in the UK refuses to accept our ISBN numbers for some reason. In this situation, we will consider a refund if you (a) provide us with something in writing from the distributor/retailer confirming that they refuse to sell or distribute books that use our ISBN numbers and (b) show us proof that you’ve purchased replacement ISBN numbers directly from Nielsen’s or from another source that your distributor/retailer will accept, and (c) you request a refund from us within three months of ordering from us.

We will not consider making a refund in the following situation:

  • If you’re unhappy with Independent Publishing Network being listed as the Publisher of your ISBN numbers in Nielsen’s records. We make it clear in several places on our website that Independent Publishing Network will be listed as the Publisher (on our Shop Page, Important Information Page, and FAQ Page).

Note – ISBN numbers related to any refund given will be marked on the online databases as illegal for use on books.