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To join our Network, get an ISBN number, and publish your book all you need to do is:

  1. Become a Member and apply for your ISBN Number here . Please submit your book details (title, author, format) in the “additional information” section when you get to the checkout page.
  2. Receive your ISBN Number (and Barcode Images) by email. You will usually receive your ISBN Number and Barcode Images by email within 24 hours (during business days). If you ordered Registration as well then we will email you to request additional information from you so that we can register your publication on Nielsen’s.
  3. Send us information about your publication – If you have purchased Registration, then we will have sent you an email with a list of the information we need about your publication. Please fill in the required information and email it to us – we will then use that information to register your publication on Nielsen’s. This can be done at any time (either before or after publication and printing).
  4. Attach the ISBN Barcode to your book cover (before printing) – Either insert the barcode image into your cover design before publication/printing, or (if your book has already been printed) get the barcode printed onto sticky labels and attach them to the back cover of your book.
  5. Get your book printed (‘Print on Demand’ companies are great for small print runs)— Some printing companies offer ‘print on demand’ services for self-publishers, where they can print smaller quantities of your books (e.g. 100 x copies) at a time.
  6. Arrange for a distributor (or distribute the book yourself)
  7. Send one copy of your publication to the Legal Deposit within one month of publication. This is a legal requirement, for paper-backs, hard copies, e-books, and every other publication that has an ISBN number. Occasionally, you may be requested to send 5 additional copies to 5 other UK libraries (if this request is made it will come via our company, and we will forward the email onto you). For more information please see our Legal Deposit Page.


Printing Companies


The Following is a list of UK Book printers capable of printing small quantities of books. – Most offer instant quotes so you can easily compare printing costs.

If you are a printing company that would like to be listed here please contact us.

UK Book Publishing – Offers traditional bulk printing as well as print on demand services, the latter being a great option for people with no initial budget and simply can’t afford traditional printing costs.

Print and Publish

Biddles – Making Books Distinctive

Book Printing UK

Print on Demand World Wide

Book Binders of London

Blurb UK – an online solution for printing photo books


E-Book Publication Resources

Below are some E-Book publication resources:

How to self-publish an e-book  a guide to making, marketing and selling e-books

Kindle Direct Publishing – a way to easily start selling you book through Amazon kindle store (they charge on a fee per product sold basis)

Creating e-book files for amazon kindle direct publishing – explanation of how to convert you e-book into a suitable format for publishing through Amazon kindle store