Independent Publishing Network

Become a Member FAQ Page

  1. Members of Independent Publishing Network can receive:
  2. ISBN numbers and images
  3. Self-Adhesive ISBN barcode labels
  4. Registration
  5. One-off cost
  6. No annual fees

Become a Member of IPN

Click here to become a member of the Independent Publishing Network (IPN) and get ISBN numbers and registration for your UK publication. You need a different ISBN number for each different publication, as well as for each different format of the same publication (e.g. paperback and e-book), and for any new or revised editions. IMMEDIATE EMAIL DELIVERY of your ISBN numbers.

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ISBN Barcode Images

If you purchase Barcode Images from us, we will turn your ISBN number into high-quality (600 dpi) scannable barcode images. The ISBN barcode images will be emailed to you in 5 different file formats. You can choose which format you prefer to use. Your barcode images will be emailed to you straight away.

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Become a Member of IPN and get ISBN Numbers

Membership with ISBN Number & Registration on Nielsen’s £30 JOIN IPN
Membership with ISBN Number, Registration & Barcode Images £40 JOIN IPN

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Registration on Nielsen's

We can register your ISBN number and book details on Nielsen’s Book Database. This will make your publication details widely available to booksellers, libraries and publishers both in the UK and internationally. The Nielsen Book Database contains over 25 million title records and is one of the most widely used book databases in the UK and worldwide.

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ISBN Barcode Labels

Purchase a roll of self-adhesive paper labels for your ISBN number. We’ll print your ISBN number above the barcode bars. Our rolls come in quantities of 500 labels. Delivery to any postal address in the UK or Ireland is free.

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About Us

The Independent Publishing Network helps authors publish their books easily and quickly by offering an affordable membership and supplying ISBN numbers and barcode images to their members.

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