Including ISBN Number, Image and Registrationsample ISBN barcode

Membership of IPN + ISBN Number +  Barcode images ( jpg, pdf, eps, tiff & BMP ) + Registration of your ISBN number and book details on Nielsen’s Book Database

This is normally for physical books, for which printable barcodes are needed.

INSTANT DELIVERY BY EMAIL: After you place your order and make payment, your ISBN number(s), barcode image(s) and registration instructions will be emailed to you immediately.

HOW MANY ISBNS? You need a unique ISBN number for each format of your publication (e.g. for a paperback and an e-book format, you would need 2 ISBN numbers).

PUBLISHER: “Independent Publishing Network” will be listed as the publisher in Nielsen’s system. Please read this before joining.


£ 40 
£ 38 each (£ 76 total for 2 ISBNs)
£ 35 each (£ 105 total for 3 ISBNs)
4 +
£ 30 each (£ 120 total for 4 ISBNs)

ISBN Number, Image, and Registration


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