Customer Feedback:

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help. As a radio presenter, I will give you and your company a huge shout out for being so helpful. Now the book is registered with Nielsen, will they start to get it featured on websites? Again, thanks a million – Darren (ISBN 9781782807254 – Cheeky Charlie and Friends: The Super Kids)

Thanks so much for the mail and the ISBN . I have filled the details herewith, kindly let me know the next step – Mahesh  (ISBN 9781782807315 – WOW Words of Wisdom)

Thanks very much for sending the bar code so promptly for the Lancaster Priory Guide Book. I’ve paid for the Nielson registration now, so waiting to see what further info you need – Paul  (ISBN 9781788088909 – Lancaster Priory Guide Book)

Brilliant service – thanks so much – Sam (ISBN 9781788081603 – Far Post: A Striker’s Tale of Scoring Goals and Breaking Records)

I’m delighted to say I’ve been successful in publishing a paperback using an ISBN purchased from you through Create Space… I’ve also managed to publish the same manuscript as a Kindle E-reader version – George (ISBN 9781788087865 – Suspense)

Hi Amelia, Thank you very much. Best wishes – Cecilia (ISBN 9781788087926 – Summer Activity Book)


Hi Amelia, I am very impressed with this service. It has turned what looked like a potentially complex procedure into something extremely simple, very well-explained, and very reasonably priced. Well done, and thank-you – David M (9781838530693 – 100 Years of Lancaster Assizes 1871-1971).


Thank you so much for the prompt and fine service! Very happy with all of them – Henrietta (ISBN 9781788082419 – 50 Principles for Inner Peace Daily)


Thanks for your email. Aside from the ISBN there’s some really helpful information in there which I wasn’t aware of – Simon  (ISBN 9781788089616 – Level and Attack the untold story of the Tone Bender Fuzz)

Thank you Amelia, I received the ISBN number also, and will forward the information you need for registration , much appreciated! Kind regards Farhar  (ISBN 9781788089913 – Industrial Blue)


Apologies for not getting back to you earlier – I went to bed not realising you’d acted so fast… Many thanks for that and for the Nielsen registration information. Hope this catches you before you leave – Colin  (ISBN 9781788089814 – The Dinner Party: Of Time And Place)


Thanks so much for the prompt reply – I truly appreciate it – as my book-cover needs to go to the printers this week. Wishing you and the team a lovely Easter Break. With best wishes – Iris (ISBN 9781782807728 – The Lineage Of Enoch)

Dear, John! Many thanks. I will send 5 books to ADLD and 1 copy to the British library – Tatyana  (ISBN 9781788087186 – 7th International Conference «Recent trend in Science and Technology management» 23-29 January 2017)


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