Customer Feedback:

Thanks so much for the email and the ISBN . I have filled the details herewith, kindly let me know the next step – Mahesh  (ISBN 9781782807315 – WOW Words of Wisdom)

WOW book


I’m delighted to say I’ve been successful in publishing a paperback using an ISBN purchased from you through Create Space… I’ve also managed to publish the same manuscript as a Kindle E-reader version – George (ISBN 9781788087865 – Suspense)


Hi Amelia, Thank you very much. Best wishes – Cecilia (ISBN 9781788087926 – Summer Activity Book)

Summer Activity Book


Hi Amelia, I am very impressed with this service. It has turned what looked like a potentially complex procedure into something extremely simple, very well-explained, and very reasonably priced. Well done, and thank-you – David M (9781838530693 – 100 Years of Lancaster Assizes 1871-1971).


Thank you so much for the prompt and fine service! Very happy with all of them – Henrietta (ISBN 9781788082419 – 50 Principles for Inner Peace Daily)


Thanks for your email. Aside from the ISBN there’s some really helpful information in there which I wasn’t aware of – Simon  (ISBN 9781788089616 – Level and Attack the untold story of the Tone Bender Fuzz)

Thank you Amelia, I received the ISBN number also, and will forward the information you need for registration , much appreciated! Kind regards Farhar  (ISBN 9781788089913 – Industrial Blue)


Apologies for not getting back to you earlier – I went to bed not realising you’d acted so fast… Many thanks for that and for the Nielsen registration information. Hope this catches you before you leave – Colin  (ISBN 9781788089814 – The Dinner Party: Of Time And Place)


Thanks so much for the prompt reply – I truly appreciate it – as my book-cover needs to go to the printers this week. Wishing you and the team a lovely Easter Break. With best wishes – Iris (ISBN 9781782807728 – The Lineage Of Enoch)

Dear, John! Many thanks. I will send 5 books to ADLD and 1 copy to the British library – Tatyana  (ISBN 9781788087186 – 7th International Conference «Recent trend in Science and Technology management» 23-29 January 2017)


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