Information about Legal Deposit Requirements:

By law, one copy of every UK print publication must be given to the British Library (and also to five other major libraries if they request it). For more information about these Legal Deposit requirements, please see:

Introduction to Legal Deposit (British Library)

How to Deposit Printed Books (British Library)

How to Deposit E-Books (British Library)

Publishing help

How to self-publish an e-booka guide to making, marketing and selling e-books

Self-publishing a hard copy book – 25 things you need to know – Helpful as an overview of different aspects to consider when publishing a hard copy book

Formatting and uploading e-books for sale

Kindle Direct Publishing – a way to easily start selling your book through the Amazon Kindle store (they charge on a fee per product sold basis)

Creating e-book files for amazon kindle direct publishing – explanation of how to convert your e-book into a suitable format for publishing through the Amazon Kindle store

Different types of barcodes

Books require an ISBN number and barcode image, which we can supply.

Magazines and other periodical publications require an ISSN number (you can apply for them via the British Library website here). If you need a barcode image for your ISSN number, you can purchase one from Buy Barcodes UK.

All other retail products (except books/magazines) require a 13-digit EAN-13 retail barcode number (or a 12-digit UPC barcode number if you are selling your product in the USA). You can get a retail barcode from Buy Barcodes UK.

Writer’s Online Toolkit

The Writer’s Online Toolkit page from the US-based Maryville University Blog has a collection of resources under these headings: General Tips and Advice for Writing, General Writing Tools, Writing Tools for Novelists, Tools for Essay/Academic Writing, Writing Tools for Freelance Writers, and Writers’ Resources.