Sample ISBN Barcode Images

ISBN Number encoded into a Standard EAN-13 Barcode

  • This is the most common type of ISBN barcode.
  • The RRP isn’t encoded into this barcode. Booksellers can add the RRP manually when they enter this barcode into their system.
  • If the RRP changes, the barcode doesn’t have to be replaced (the retailer just needs to amend their system to reflect the new RRP).
  • If you order ISBN barcode images from our website, you will automatically receive your barcode images in this EAN-13 format by email.
  • ISBN barcode images in EAN-13 format are provided in the standard size: 38mm wide x 29mm high

ISBN barcode


 ISBN Number with 5-digit price code

  • Some publishers or booksellers prefer a book barcode to have a 5-digit code add-on at the end, which represents the RRP.
  • If the RRP changes, then the barcode needs to be replaced with a new barcode reflecting the new RRP.
  • If you want your barcode to have a price code, please request this in the “additional information” section when you get to the checkout page. You need to let us know the retail price and currency (the currencies that can be encoded are: USD, NZD, AUD,  GBP, or CAD). We will need to create your barcode images manually (it usually takes us between 12 – 24 hours to process manual barcode image orders, between Monday-Friday).
  • ISBN barcode images with a price code are provided in the following size: 48mm wide x 29mm high.

ISBN price code for UK

ISBN wih price code US